Memory Lane

I endeavored to observe the Sabboth today.  I took a nap, read for class but tried to convince myself it was for fun, then ultimately gave in to some long overdue dusting.  Resting is so hard!!  While cleaning off the mysterious black film that eventually will cover every piece of furniture in your house if you live in Church Hill, I discovered a goldmine.  In the corner of our  bookshelf was a large stack of cards that Jeromy and I received throughout our engagement and for our wedding (covered in said strange film).

So Sabboth reconvened as the last hour was enjoyed basking in the sunshine flooding onto my deck and reading through all those sweet cards and notes.  Thank you if you are reading this and you gave us one of those notes.  I am overwhelmed by the many supportive and loving friends and family God has given us. Unfortunately, I cannot hoard them all forever, so I gratefully reread each one, saving a select few for future reads.

One stack consisted of folded and faded cards carefully crafted out of construction paper and markers.  These were lovingly crafted by my mom's third grade students in the 2010-2011 school year.  I haven't met any of them, but the hilarity made me so desperately want to share with others.  I only wish you could see some of the pictures.  Please enjoy...

Claire and Jeromy,
Hope your wedding is wonderful
I would give you advice but I'm not married.

Dear Claire and Jeromy I hope you get alone
from Brandon

Claire and Jeromy,
Hope you have a nice time
hope it works awot.

I hope you have a good weddind. And I hope you don't get a deaforse

Dear Claire and Jeromy,
I hope you gies have a good weding!
I wish I can come.

Dear Claire and Jeromy
I hope your wedding gows well.  Love is true when it's you.

Claire and Jeromy
love is true when its new!
love is a complecacen!

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  1. A "deafors"? Ohhhh, a deaf horse.

    Agreed. May all your horses be hearing.